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cityfitness gym
8 Broderick Road
Johnsonville, Wellington
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When we train

Tue - Adult Group

Thu - Semi-Privates

Sat - Children Group

Tue & Thu - adults | Sat - children

Modern martial art training in Wellington that will get you in awesome shape, teach you to defend yourself and challenge your mind, body & spirit!

In Crazy Monkey Defense we prepare you for FULL CONTACT living.While the rest of the modern martial art world is 'high' on hyper-competitiveness, and reality based self defense paranoia — Crazy Monkey Defense offers a FRESH, and INSPIRING approach to modern Martial Arts training — built on a "Zero Meathead" and "No Ego" ethos.

We are not saying learning how to defend oneself or being challenged is not important — it is — and is an integral part of Crazy Monkey training, but what makes us unique, what makes us stand out, is that we go beyond this, to coach you how to take the lessons from the mat so you can perform at your BEST in life!

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  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    6 September at 08:14 from atlas

    I HAVE NO MARTIAL ART EXPERIENCE? As long as you have a healthy attitude towards your  training and towards others you'll get along ...

  • Time to Rap Monkeys!

    20 July at 13:23 from atlas

    Hi there - Hope you or your child/ren are on your/their way to becoming a Rock Star Crazy Monkey:) If you haven't heard, or ...

  • My mission...

    3 June at 19:37 from atlas

    My mission is to prepare my clients for Full Contact Living! In Crazy Monkey Defense you will learn to fight instinctively, like an ...

  • 'Beyond the Fight Interview'

    29 October at 19:01 from atlas

    Rodney have recently launched a new video entitled 'Beyond the Fight Interview' and is now live at ...